Fundación Voces Locales desarrolla parte importante de las actividades de recopilación y difusión a través de los proyectos, los cuales tienen financiamiento propio y algunos de tipo externo, mediante donaciones o postulaciones a fondos concursables.

Project : Class Books, Recovering History: This project considers the revision, inventory and digitization of the class books of the educational establishments in the area, especially those of greater antiquity. In this way, this valuable information is preserved over time, unlike some establishments in which these books have suffered fires, floods or theft. The information collected, in PDF format, remains the property of the establishment and a copy is sent to the Municipal Education Department for filing and consultation.

Project : Compilations. José Muñoz Contreras. During his 46 years of teaching, Mr. José Muñoz C. compiled unpublished material about the folklore of our area, including customs, dances, religious festivals, sports fairs, gastronomy, among several other topics. Using his research as a basis and supported by a very complete bibliographic and source review, he translated what he observed into plays that he performed both with his students and with folk groups, leaving those librettos and monographs as witnesses of his great contribution to regional folklore. Our Foundation is in the process of reviewing, ordering, classifying, digitizing and transcribing the texts (which are in their original supports and which are unique), to make them available to the community, both through the Local Archive and the publication of two books with their compilations, being the first of Libretos the second of Dances.

Project : Edition and printing of the book CARELMAPU. Its author, GINO BARDUCCI AMOR, compiled for many years the history of this cove in southern Chile, which appears in history in the year 1558. Our Foundation contacted him and together the 12th edition of this interesting and beautiful book is presented to the community, which is a compilation of real facts, events, narrations, publications, and comments related to the life of this people. As a Foundation we respect that work and value above all keeping it as exact as the original. When editing it, we try to intervene as little as possible, and without a doubt not to correct it in its content, because it is a story that is alive and destined to continue growing